Wake Up Riddim Medley mix

The Wake Up Riddim is Megaton Music’s debut into the riddim production market. The Wake Up Riddim features a variety of upcoming reggae dancehall artists, each with their own flow and lyrical finesse as they toast over the heavy bassline and wicked guitar strums. Open your ears and Wake Up!

Medley Mixed By DJ SOULJAH

RELEASE DATE- NOVEMBER 12, 2012. Free to download

Words of Advice EP - Free Release!

Thanks to Strictly Dub Records, we have a big free EP out now. Check it!

Words of Advice is one of the latest endeavours from Reggae Dancehall artist, Clinton Sly playing the role of producer and artist.

Combined with the vocals from Koasup & Clinton Sly, Words of Advice reminds of living this good life cautiously. The roots sound along with the various overlays of ambient sounds create the bridge between the foundation style and the modern take on Reggae music.

Also featured on this release is a remixed version from The Dubbing Sun Sound System, hailing out of Carinthia, Austria. This uptempo remix is a perfect contrast to the original sound!

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